July 30, 2013

Printing at NewCourtland

We've been printing the objects from the seniors' stories at NewCourtland. Today we printed Gladys' pearl handle pistol.

Sewing and printing at NewCourtland

We've been working away to finish stuffing and sewing pieces and to print the rest of the objects. The pineapple basket being printed above was Serena's. Her mom would crochet the baskets and use them as decoration.

July 14, 2013

New Courtland Fellowship

We've completed the first two sessions of my project with Germantown Home seniors and college students and recent grads. We are recreating objects that each person has lost and wishes they still had. In the next two sessions we will begin screen printing onto fabric and sewing the pieces into dimensional works.

Gladys' Baby Ruth

Just printed a bunch of vintage fabric Baby Ruth candy bars. Gladys from Germantown Home described stealing her Dad's Model T Ford to go to the store and buy a Baby Ruth. She was only seven years old and stacked pillows so she could reach the driving wheel.